About Ravaa

‘Ravaa Fine Fusion is an Indian restaurant with a difference. We retain the traditional flavours that are so deeply revered, accentuating them with the highest quality ingredients. Each dish contains numerous spice combinations that truly reflect the depth of Indian cuisine. Moreover, the side dishes and condiments – chutneys, curries, daals, and Indian pickles – contribute to the overall flavour and textural contrast of the meal.


We still use the traditional charcoal cooking methods that bring out the delightful flavours to their most full, whereas most restaurants use cheaper gas-powered grills. We always train our chefs in the traditional way of cooking to maintain the genuine nature of our food.

Ravaa welcomes you to an evening of grace, refinement and congeniality with a treat for your palate. The soft lighting and mellow music provide an intimate and relaxed cozy dining space setting.’

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